소개 / 보유장비 리스트

  • Titan

    Titan 80-300™ microscope transfers information deep into sub-Å resolution making way for the highest performance available in both TEM and STEM. Titan obtains a better lateral resolution than 1 Å and energy resolution down to 0.1 eV. This presents new information of the electronic properties of materials such as bonding states or band gaps with unprecedented spatial resolution.

  • Talos

    Talos™ F200X is a 200 kV FEG Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (S/TEM), which is designed for fast, precise and quantitative characterization of nano-materials. It accelerates nano-analysis of materials based on higher data quality, faster acquisition, and simplified, easy and automated operation. Talos is a system which can be operated completely remotely and which has enhanced environmental immunity. It combines outstanding quality in high-resolution STEM and TEM imaging with unparalleled advances in EDS signal detection and 3D schemical characterization with compositional mapping.

  • Tecnai

    Transmission electron microscope equipped with field emission gun has sub nm image resolution and spatial resolution, necessary for nano scale analysis of advanced materials. Atomic resolution imaging as well as nano region spectroscopic imaging using PEELS and energy filtering is possible. With an addition of Lorentz lens and holographic unit, electrical and magnetic field measurement can be made.

  • Cryo

    Cryo TEM is a powerful technology to study morphology in 2D or 3D of a wide range of samples in their natural state. These samples can be of solid or liquid nature. Cryo TEM image can be enhanced by low dose mode at cryogenic temperature. Special software minimizes the dose on the specimen while performing the experiments. The integrated and embedded cryo functionality akes the tool exceptionally suitable for high-resolution investigations in structural and molecular biology research.

  • 시료준비 생체

    Biological specimens : Fixation, dehydration, embedding, microtomy, staining
    Material specimens : Embedding, mirotomy, staining

  • Helios

    The Helios NanoLab 600 has been designed for obtaining highend images during failure analysis where the majority of the sample needs cross-sectioning. In addition to its flexible sample-preparation capabilities, the Helios NanoLab 600 delivers three-dimensional imaging so that you can quickly and efficiently locate and view device features from different angles. Patented beam chemistries can also be used to highlight interface layers for imaging in the system, getting you the most accurate data.

  • Nova

    Dual beam Focused Ion Beam has multitude of capabilities including high resolution electron imaging, ion imaging, nano device fabrication and material deposition. Simultaneous patterning and imaging is possible with nm resolution for both imaging and achining. Using software control, digital pattern can be directly applied and unattended operation with high repeatability can be employed for EM sample preparation.

  • Quanta 3D

    Quanta 3D is unique to other dual column instruments in that it is the first multi-mode SEM to harness the added power of the FIB. FIB technology is a proven technology that is now finding applications in research areas traditionally supported by SEM. The value of FIB is that it is complementary to SEM, delivering the ability to explore the third dimension of data below the surface of a sample, using various gases by environmental function and enabling a greater understanding of material characteristics and structures.

  • Atom probe

    Atom probe microscopy (APM) provides three-dimensional (3D) analytical mapping of materials with atomic scale resolution and so offers unique insights into both the chemical composition and atomic structure of matter.

  • 시료준비 재료

    Precision metallographic angle lapping and thining. Sample preparation for:Light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, mechanical magnification of finite structural features, wedge sample preparation for TEM, mechanical slice sample preparation for focused ion beam thinning.

  • Nova

    Nova SEM is ultra-high resolution low vacuum SEM for nanocharacterization and analysis. It features immersion lens electron optics in combination with novel low vacuum detector technology, giving uncompromised high vacuum and unpresidented low vacuum performance.

  • Inspect F

    Inspect F enables high-resolution inspection and characterization capabilities using a high brightness / high current Schottky field emission source providing clear, sharp and noise free imaging.

  • Inspect F50

    Many new features are available to help customize an Inspect F50 for particular characterization. New options, such as beam deceleration, bring low kV performance to a completely different level for a conventional FEG SEM. Nav-Cam color image navigation and new detectors provide even greater flexibility to the Inspect F50.

  • FE-SEM

    The Hitachi S5000H is an in-lens cold-field emission SEM, normally used in laboratory situations for demanding highest image resolution. A cold cathode field emission (CCFE) source have low energy spread and smaller source size to give high resolution at lower accelerating voltage, and higher current density for superior image quality under all conditions.

  • EPMA

    The FEG-EPMA (Field Emission Gun Electron Probe Micro Analyzer) utilizes X-ray spectrometry and allows for high speed, high accuracy qualitative and quantitative in-depth surface analysis as well as area analysis. The FEG-EPMA employs a patented "in-lens" Schottky type field emission electron gun. WDS (wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer), high probe current, and small probe diameter, the FEG-EPMA is capable of extreme elemental analysis of sub-micron areas.

  • ESEM

    E-SEM (Environmental SEM) is capable of high resolution imaging without surface coating. Controlled atmosphere can be used to perform in-situ, high temperature experiments and water-containing samples can be examined without drying or sample treatment. Various analytical attachments are available for electro-optical, chemical and crystallographic characterization.

  • Raman

    Raman spectroscopy is being successfully applied to the analysis of a wide-ranging number of materials and systems. InVia Raman microscopes are high-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements. InVia Raman microscopes support multiple lasers, with automatic software switching of excitation wavelength.