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No. Received Accepted
1 Analysis of arsenic in rice grains using ICP-MS and fs LA-ICP-MS JAAS J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2014, 29, 1233 17th February 2014 22nd May 2014 Sung Hwa Choi,a Jae Sung Kim,a Ji Yeon Lee,a Ji Suk Jeon,a Ju Wan Kim,b Richard E. Russo,c Jhanis Gonzalez,c Jong Hyun Yoo,d Kyong Su Kim,e Jung Seok Yangf and Kyung Su Park*a
2 Elevated serum copper and ceruloplasmin levels in Alzheimer’s disease Asia_Pacific Psychiatry ISSN 1758-5864 11 October 2012 12 March 2013 Jun-Hyun Park1 MD PhD, Dong-Woo Lee1 MD PhD & Kyung Soo Park2 PhD
3 Estimated long-term dietary exposure to lead, cadmium, and mercury in young Korean children European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2014), 1–5 7 May 2013(revised 10 March 2014) 13 April 2014 DW Kim1, HD Woo1, J Joo2, KS Park3, SY Oh4, H Kwon5, JD Park6, YS Hong7, SJ Sohn8, HJ Yoon9, MS Hwang9 and J Kim1
4 Reference levels of blood mercury and association with metabolic syndrome in Korean adults Int Arch Occup Environ Health, DOI 10.1007/s00420-013-0891-8 23 October 2012 20 June 2013 Sang-Yong Eom • Sun-Hee Choi • Su-Ju Ahn • Dong-Kyeong Kim • Dong-Won Kim • Ji-Ae Lim • Byung-Sun Choi • Hye-Jung Shin • Sin-Weon Yun • Hae-Jung Yoon • Yu-Mi Kim • Young-Seoub Hong • Yong-Woon Yun • Seok-Joon Sohn • Heon Kim • Kyung-Su Park • Hee-Soo Pyo • Ho Kim • Se-Young Oh • Jeongseon Kim • Sang-Ah Lee • Mina Ha • Ho-Jang Kwon • Jung-Duck Park